The Klingons of Don’t Copy That 2

"To duplicate data is a great dishonor!"
“To duplicate data is a great dishonor!”

Suspense builds as we prepare to release Don’t Copy That 2, the long-awaited sequel to the anti-piracy hit Don’t Copy That Floppy. People around the world (welcome, France!) have discovered our short teaser, and I’ve received a number of questions about the Klingons who appear in it.

Q: Are they real Klingons?

A: They looked real to me. During the shoot they frightened our crew by practicing battle moves with lethal bat’leths.

Q: Why Klingons?

A: Klingons have a highly developed sense of personal honor; they would find common theft, such as software or movie piracy, quite offensive. Personal honor is a concept that should come up more often as people debate the issues surrounding intellectual property.

Q: Was that really Klingon they were speaking?

A: Renowned linguist Marc Okrand, creator of the Klingon language and consultant on numerous Star Trek movies, was on the set to assure that the phrases were technically correct.

Q: Will the Klingons be in the actual music video?

A: Yes, and what they do may surprise you…

Q: When will the video be released?

A: Very soon. Keep your eye on the SIIA website and MJville for the latest information.

COMING SOON : Production Photo Gallery


  1. Michael Brown said:

    on July 8, 2009 at 11:32 am

    Fun MJ! Can’t wait for the full version. You must have had great fun shooting this. How do you follow up such a cult classic as Don’t Copy That Floppy? After all these years of following the commentary and subsequent rise to fame/infamy (that has grown as the internet itself), it will be good to see the sequel, though I can see you winking behind the curtains. Just hope it’s not TOO dark!

  2. MJ said:

    on July 8, 2009 at 11:57 am

    You won’t have long to wait Mr. B! The video is in its final round of tweaks, and will be ready for prime time shortly. If its predecessor is any indication, Don’t Copy That 2 will really get people talking about the issues!

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