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The Klingons of Don’t Copy That 2

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

"To duplicate data is a great dishonor!"
“To duplicate data is a great dishonor!”

Suspense builds as we prepare to release Don’t Copy That 2, the long-awaited sequel to the anti-piracy hit Don’t Copy That Floppy. People around the world (welcome, France!) have discovered our short teaser, and I’ve received a number of questions about the Klingons who appear in it.

Q: Are they real Klingons?

A: They looked real to me. During the shoot they frightened our crew by practicing battle moves with lethal bat’leths.

Q: Why Klingons?

A: Klingons have a highly developed sense of personal honor; they would find common theft, such as software or movie piracy, quite offensive. Personal honor is a concept that should come up more often as people debate the issues surrounding intellectual property.

Q: Was that really Klingon they were speaking?

A: Renowned linguist Marc Okrand, creator of the Klingon language and consultant on numerous Star Trek movies, was on the set to assure that the phrases were technically correct.

Q: Will the Klingons be in the actual music video?

A: Yes, and what they do may surprise you…

Q: When will the video be released?

A: Very soon. Keep your eye on the SIIA website and MJville for the latest information.

COMING SOON : Production Photo Gallery